One on One Private Tutoring

At Tutoring for All we offer one on one private tutoring, which could take place in the comfort of your own home or in our Carlsbad office. We pride ourselves in providing one on one individualized tutoring for students from K-12th and college students. We work hard to get to know our students individually and every student's specific needs in order to provide a learning experience tailored to each individual student. We keep our tutors accountable and track their efforts and your student's progress.

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Semi-Private Tutoring

At Tutoring for All we are happy to be able to provide semi-private group tutoring. Our semi-private group tutoring is what sets us apart from the other tutoring companies in the area. We wanted to provide affordable semi-private tutoring options so that ALL students could benefit from tutoring. We provide tutoring in a group of 3-5 students, while still individualizing each session to each student's specific needs. We pair students who are in the same grade in the same group.

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College Planning Prep. Course

We are excited to introduce our College Planning Prep. 6 week course that is set to begin September 5th. Do you get confused when it comes to paper work or just don't have the time? We are here to help! With one two hour session a week we will go over college finances, comparison of colleges, SAT/ACT tips, application process and help with filling them out appropriately, how to create the best essay possible, FASFA, scholarships and so much more!

SAT/ACT Courses

Our 4 week SAT and ACT courses are the best option for your student. Unlike other companies that have class of 20+ students are class will NEVER be more than 6 per class. If you aren't completely satisfied your student may take the course again at NO cost to you.

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Our Mission

Here at Tutoring for All we believe ALL students can accomplish anything they desire. We want to see every student succeed and make this world a better place. We are dedicated to molding the minds of our future leaders, educators, scientists and world changers. We never want any student to think they aren't capable of accomplishing their dreams no matter what their background. That's why here at Tutoring for All we worked diligently to provide multiple types of tutoring options that could fit any budget.




Our Vision

Here at Tutoring for All our vision is to provide a little extra assistance to every student who needs it! We want every student to understand that with a little hard work and dedication anything is possible. Our tutors are either pursuing a teaching credential or hold a bachelors degree and have extensive hours of experience tutoring. Everyone of our tutors is dedicated to providing an individualized experience to every student, even to those students in our group tutoring program. We specialize in molding the minds of our future and can't wait to see the amazing things they have in store for us!


Our Story

The vision for Tutoring for All came about when our founder was working for a tutoring company that worked with the school districts in California, through the SES program. She worked for multiple companies some that worked with the SES program and a few private tutoring companies. She found there was a huge need for tutoring, especially with the families receiving the free assistance. Often times when she would finish the program many families would ask for more help, but could not afford the $75+ per session other companies were advertising, but were willing to pay $30 to $40 per session. This is when Tutoring for All was thought up! She wanted to provide tutoring for ALL students. So she came up with the idea of semi-private group tutoring for ALL families. Not like the group tutoring provided by other well known companies where they have students play "educational" games on an iPAD or the ones that hand out worksheets to be completed without any attention to the student, but rather group tutoring that was more individualized and covered each students needs.


 Meet the Team

Here at Tutoring for All we are dedicated to providing tailored tutoring for every student's needs. Our team is either pursuing a credential in teaching or has a bachelor's degree and have extensive hours with experience in tutoring.

Desiree Garcia
Founder & President
Our founder Desiree Garcia has been tutoring and helping students, since she was in the 10th grade. She would volunteer after school just to see her peers do better. Her passion has always been in math and helping students excel in any subject. She is pursuing her single subject credential in Spanish. Her background is extensive in tutoring and student teaching with hundreds of hours under her belt helping her students excel.

   Executive Tutor & Vice President
Shane has helped Desiree through the beginning process of her company and has lent a huge hand in creating programs and content. Shane has worked for numerous tutoring companies in the past and has his own personal clients. He holds a degree in AeroSpace Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His clients rave about how well he understands math and how easy it is to understand concepts when working with him. He has decided that working with his students is much more rewarding than working for an engineering company.

Cindy Lieu
Curriculum Coordinator
As the curriculum coordinator of Tutoring for All, Cindy designs and implements SBAC aligned curriculum utilized to improve student success in each learning session. Cindy began her career as a public educator working as an Algebra Teacher in the upper grades and has worked as an elementary school teacher at a highly gifted magnet school in East Los Angeles. There, she learned quickly that the best way to increase student success was through project based learning. After a few years in the classroom, Cindy became a Math Coach at an educational software company, consulting with teachers all over California. She also became a Literacy Coordinator at the National City Public Library soon after, where she promoted literacy to children and families.

Esmerelda Campos
Assistant & Tutor
Esmeralda is Desiree's assistant and is our Chula Vista tutor. She is a recent high school grad. She took a class in high school for a year that made her a teachers assistant for elementary school and she excelled in helping the students and teacher. She loves to help out our K-6 students in understanding their school work. She will be pursuing a degree in teaching.

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